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We know it can be really difficult navigating through the therapy listings online ... how are you meant to know which type of therapy and which therapist is right for you?

There are many different types of counselling and psychotherapy used by therapists; what they all have in common is they aim to help you improve & maintain good mental health, increase your self-awareness, find balance, have healthy relationships and live to your potential. Therapy is a great way of getting to know ourselves, our patterns, our blindspots, exploring 'stuckness' and re-evaluating where we are at; it's a great tool for self-development.

Our therapists all have different areas of interest, training and lived experience of certain challenges, such as Addiction, Bereavement, Chronic Illness, LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity, Trauma + more.

Use our contact form to tell us a little bit about what is going on for you and we will use our skills and expertise to match you with the therapist we believe is most suited to your needs. Alternatively have a browse through our associates and choose who you think would be a good fit.


Integral Eye Movement Therapy

IEMT is a therapy that helps you decrease & detach from stuck, distressing & intense emotions.

An IEMT practitioner will guide you to connect to a specific memory (with no requirement to re-live the memory verbally) whilst you follow their fingers through a pattern of movements.

This simple process can bring an immediate emotional change without re-traumatising and does not require a long term commitment to sessions.

We have IEMT practitioners at The Hill Counselling Practice, if you would like to find out more about IEMT and it's benefits contact:

Areas of counselling we work with*:



ADHD (adults & late diagnosed)




Bereavement, Grief & Loss



Carer support

Chronic Illness



Domestic Abuse

Emotion Abuse

Family issues

Health Anxiety


Infertility & IVF

LGBTQ+ counselling


Low self-esteem/self-confidence




Post Traumatic Stress

Postnatal depression

Pregnancy loss

Relationship issues inc. relationship breakdown


Sexual Abuse

Social Anxiety

Stress inc. Burnout


Work-related Stress

*this list is not exhaustive

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